Product You

A Communications Program That Helps You Find Your True Voice


Design an empowering ‘blueprint’ that captures the core essence and natural strengths of each employee.


Empower employees to sell and market themselves and their ideas to managers.


Maximize productivity and harmony within their department, company and with current staff.

As your staff finds value, purpose and self-empowerment, they become happier, more productive employees. They feel better about their positions, the company and get along better with their associates and management. In essence, they become “Employees of Choice”. Product You® is:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Career Development
  • Diversity Training
  • Team Building
  • Employee Recognition

“This is me; this is definitely me! This process really helped me to get to know myself better.”

Alex Vicenti

“I loved the job you did; It’s great! It’s great!! I now see the potentials I have.”

Anabelka Gutierrez

“Reinforces who I am as a person both professionally & personally. Opened up doors that you didn’t know were there.”

Charna Rainey

“I opened up in a positive way. This process really elevated the group’s respect for one another. It also captured the essence of the individual — things that may have been diffi cult for the person to see by themselves. Great diversity training — PY honors the differences in people and helps people borrow from other’s strengths. A very powerful individual and group process.”

Elizabeth Vega-Lebron